Master Xu Zaixing was born in Liaoning, a province located in Northeast China.  He has trained in several Kung fu northen styles and  is  a 3th generation Master of the Shang school of Xingyi Quan. He  studied in depth the principles of  Baguazhang , following the Chen Tinghua style. He also teaches Taiji Tang Lang, another typical northern style (from Jiang Haolong and Hao Lianlu), and the fundamentals of  Kung Fu, which he learned by practicing  Shaolin Luohan quan.

Over the years he has medaled in many tournaments in China, from National  to International levels of competition (Qingdao), both with empty hand and weapons forms. He then became head instructor of a government Kung fu school in his native town  until he decided to move to Italy.

He arrived in Milan in 2002, where he founded a traditional martial arts school called Dongfanglei (literally “The thunder that comes from the East”). Our training program aims to completely master the basics ( Luohan Quan) until achieving the first duanwei. Then, one specializes in one of the three styles (xingyi, baguazhang or tanglang), according to his/her own preferences and abilities. The second and third duan require a deep knowledge of Empty Hand sets and Application Techniques, and from the fourth duan on students  can start training with weapons.  Furthemore, from the second duan it is possible to follow a special training to become instructor.

All classes are supervised by the Master himself, and  the peculiar strenght , agility and technique typical of Kung fu are progressively achieved through the constant training of the fundamentals, a detailed explanation of the laws regulating every blow or position, and the study of  all the Taolu and their applications.  All students train together showing friendliness, helpfulness and respect towards each other and following the Master’s teachings.

The school also organizes training trips during the summer, generally to Northeast China.